Tethyrian Military

Coming Home
Yowlers and Pixies and Forks! Oh, my!

They were not given means to teleport back to the Capital, so hoof it the party did. A fork in the road was reached, and they made the choice to go through the mountains instead of the easier, but longer, forest pass.

Feral Yowlers are territorial creatures, and often hungry for any meat they can catch. Caught in a tight canyon, the party was set upon by what seemed nearly an entire pack of them. In a fight for their lives, the party fought viciously and were victorious, though most had taken a few scratches and bites.

Once outside the mountain pass, the road rejoined before someone was seen running down the road toward them. A young noble, seemingly ignorant of the state of her dress paused in the road in front of them to catch her breath.

She asked for their help finding something she seems to have lost on the trip back home. Something valuable, something special to her. They agreed, and headed back up the other fork, though it was only a few hours travel before they were set upon.

The forest lit up, as though the trees that lined the path were internally lit, and a large circle of pixies formed, dancing gaily around the party. A couple of party members jumped in the circle, and the pixies made room, holding hand with the dwarf and the gnome. The kobold, fearful for his life, enclosed himself in a stone igloo, convinced that this was a bad sign. The young noble began to laugh merrily, saying this was so like before.

Both the gnome and the dwarf eventually realized the dance was an illusion, but it didn’t kill their spirits of the whole incident. After a while, though, others of the party became bored with the dance, aware of the ruse it created. The pixie was called out, and showed herself by means of hanging several jewels in the treetops above that the party used to have on them, as well as one they didn’t recognize. A ruby sphere the diameter of a gold coin hanging from a gold necklace. The noble clapped with glee at the sight of her medallion, then her face became confused, then quickly hurt, “Hey…”

The pixie was willing to let the items go, but only for trade, after all, she stole them fair in square. The party agreed, and then turned to go home. The pixie followed after she was told there were others of her abilities in town that would like to trade ideas. The medallion, after a couple divinations, was identified as a very powerful magic item. The noble claimed she knew nothing of that and liked it so much because of its “shiny” property. She was inclined to part with it for another trade, an equally “shiny” sapphire pendant on a silver chain. NPC: Oshi

The party returned home, and the ruby medallion, identified by The Seer as a Universal Fork, was given to the queen. Each in the party was given a commendation in a ceremony preceded by a large feast. The feast was lively, especially after it had been discovered that all glasses, goblets, and mugs had been securely fastened to the table.

The party was given a few days time to relax…

Item of Power
Bounty Hunters?

A group of six has entered into Tethyr. The Seer, through his alarms and permanent scrys set up throughout the country, detected their arrival and passage.

General Corrick was contacted and his team assembled. Once the briefing was complete, they were teleported to Mosstone where the visitors were expected to arrive one day from then.

The visitors did arrive, but not six, saying they were from Cormyr and were just passing through. Noticing the count, they were questioned. “One of us had to stay behind to make certain the bounty didn’t get away,” stated their leader in hushed tones. “We just want to purchase supplies and be on our way in the morning.”

That night, the group was discovered to be out of their beds and headed back to where their bounty head was. The rest were roused and told to follow.

Upon arrival at the scene, it appeared they were packing to leave. “Best if we move tonight as to allay any fears that we might arouse,” said their leader as he motioned at the bounty head. There, chained and looking rather despondent was a hill giant.

Packing the last of the camp, they all began to move. Certain that something was amiss, or perhaps just bored, the silent little gnome in the party blind-sided the visiting group by going discreetly invisible and picking the lock that bound the giant, and with fantastic skill. The armand, noticing the lock un-done, re-did the lock and called to the leader to stop. Unfazed, the gnome simply picked the lock unseen once again, and everything fell apart. The visiting party fled or was killed, save only the Uldra, who prostrated herself before the Giant, begging forgiveness.

It was at this point that the giant revealed himself to be a creature not of this world, and he stood to his full height, sweeping the chains off. A Deva, and one of authority not inconsequential. A boon was given to the party and the Uldra forgiven and atoned at the Deva’s own hand.

The Uldra, calling herself Relona, explained that she was forced to call the Deva as she knew him by name, though she did not know for what reason they wished to capture a celestial. She asked that she travel back with them before returning home.

What has gone before...

The far northerly country of Vaasa was brewing trouble. Only by chance did someone notice that they were training for war, a Druid of the nearby forest. Upon investigation, he learned their target, the fledgling but strong and resource rich Tethyr. A beautiful coastline, defensive mountains on almost all sides, many rivers traveling through it to reach the ocean, fruitful valleys, thick elven jungles and even legends of a city of the strongest humans this side of Anauroch.

Vaasa’s leader was certain that the distance would prove that either everyone thought he was crazy or that it just wouldn’t be worth it to make the march, as he had to pass through several other countries with a sizable army without being molested.

But the Druid’s message drifted over the distance to another of the wild. The message was clear and was delivered as quickly as possible to the newly-appointed queen: prepare for war. The ridicules of the royal court were quickly silenced when her Highness turned to her half-giant military leader, and said simply: “You have your orders, General.”

The weeks that lead up to the attack were busy and tiring, filled with diplomatic visits to adjacent countries, recruiting from within, and learning the ins and outs of home turf advantage. Were it not for the warning they had received, the country would be starting all over again, and this time with a leader far less worried about the happiness of his constituents.

The alarms were timely, and the battle difficult. In the end, their leader fled, leaving his army to be crushed under the axes, swords, and hammers of the home team. The cheers went up, and the feasts were had. Then began the reconstruction.

Two years passed, and we come to the present day.


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