Tethyrian Military

What has gone before...

The far northerly country of Vaasa was brewing trouble. Only by chance did someone notice that they were training for war, a Druid of the nearby forest. Upon investigation, he learned their target, the fledgling but strong and resource rich Tethyr. A beautiful coastline, defensive mountains on almost all sides, many rivers traveling through it to reach the ocean, fruitful valleys, thick elven jungles and even legends of a city of the strongest humans this side of Anauroch.

Vaasa’s leader was certain that the distance would prove that either everyone thought he was crazy or that it just wouldn’t be worth it to make the march, as he had to pass through several other countries with a sizable army without being molested.

But the Druid’s message drifted over the distance to another of the wild. The message was clear and was delivered as quickly as possible to the newly-appointed queen: prepare for war. The ridicules of the royal court were quickly silenced when her Highness turned to her half-giant military leader, and said simply: “You have your orders, General.”

The weeks that lead up to the attack were busy and tiring, filled with diplomatic visits to adjacent countries, recruiting from within, and learning the ins and outs of home turf advantage. Were it not for the warning they had received, the country would be starting all over again, and this time with a leader far less worried about the happiness of his constituents.

The alarms were timely, and the battle difficult. In the end, their leader fled, leaving his army to be crushed under the axes, swords, and hammers of the home team. The cheers went up, and the feasts were had. Then began the reconstruction.

Two years passed, and we come to the present day.



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